Amstel Cruise program

14:30 uur

MS de Jordaan is ready for you to departure at the back of Amsterdam Central Station at Pier 14.

14:45 uur

MS De Jordaan wil set sail towards Nieuwe Herengracht for the Amstel Cruise. If you’re not afraid, come to the upper deck to see the spectacular passage under the railway bridge.

15.30 uur / 15. 45 uur

The Nieuwe Herengracht is already behind us, as we pass the Schippersgracht and the Hortus Botanicus and sail next to the Hermitage Museum towards the Amstel. What an entrance!

15.45 uur / 16.45 uur

Sailing on the Amstel, there is a lot to see and experience. The beautiful Hermitage building, Theatre Carré and the Amstel Hotel. Or the Magere Brug and the Hogesluis. Nice weather? Then we’ll go outside on the upper deck. The canals are swarming with boats and pieremachochels. And guess who gets the most looks?

16:45 uur

Time to head back while we’ll play a round of the one and only, totally unique, Music Bingo. You may sing a long and the winner goes home with a grand prize.

ca. 17:30 uur

Unfortunately back at Pier 14.