Music & Dinner Cruise program

18:30 uur

MS De Jordaan is ready to welcome you and your guests at Pier 14 at the back of Central Station in Amsterdam. You will be greeted with an aperitif and typical snacks such as the Amsterdamse bitterballen, New Herring and real Amsterdam pickles with Cheese and Ossenworst (typical Dutch sausage)

19:00 uur

MS De Jordaan will set sail to the skyline of Amsterdam. Our typical Amsterdam entertainers will set the ambience with a medley of typical Amsterdam sing a long songs  known by all ages.

19:30 uur

Our crew will make sure that your glasses are always filled throughout the entire evening. It’s time to start the first round of music bingo. Just like every other bingo, there is a price for the winner.

20:00 uur

Time for dinner. You will be served a warm soup with = beefballs first, followed by a scrumptious old Dutch specialty buffet offering stampots, bacon batches, meatballs with grandmother jus and real smoked sausages.

21:00 uur

We close our buffet appropriately with sweets, such as Boerenjongens (raisins in rum), advocaat with whipped cream and vla-flipjes.

Now it’s time for Dutch and English music. Sing a long, dance or participate in the old school polonaise. We promise you, it will be a big party on board of the MS De Jordaan. 

22:30 uur

Unfortunately back at Pier 14.